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Approved VOSA testing station

merc-vitoIt is a legal requirement that your car has a valid M.O.T. certificate. If you don’t have an M.O.T. you are breaking the law and your insurance becomes invalid.

The purpose of an M.O.T. is to make sure your vehicle meets the minimum safety requirements requested by law.

The only person who is authorised to carry out an M.O.T. is a nominated tester who is VOSA approved. The M.O.T. inspector will carry out a number of checks and tests to make sure your vehicle meets government requirements to drive on the road.

The major areas that are checked consist of under the car, outside the car, inside the car and under the bonnet. Anything which is not quite dangerous but needs attention will be granted an advisory notice.

You must go to an approved VOSA testing station to have your M.O.T. done. It is your responsibility to make sure you have an updated and valid M.O.T. certificate for your vehicle.

With Anker Service Station it’s easy… Need an M.O.T. ? Come and see us, It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

For an in depth structure of what an M.O.T. consists of log on to the VOSA website.

We make a pledge to you ‘The customer’, that we will do our best to make sure you need not worry when it comes to the looking after of your vehicle.